Behringer Magician T1950, Neu

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Behringer Magician T1950, Neu

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  • Professional Multi-Purpose 8-Channel Tube Interface for High-End Studio and Stage Applications

    • UTC - Ultra Tube Circuitry warms up your music without unwanted noise *
    • A special "Warmth" control lets you add the amount of tube sound you want
    • Selected 12AX7 tubes for outstanding, ultra-musical tube sound
    • Gives your music that extra sparkle and definition
    • Releases untapped resources and additional details for any program material
    • Allows analog signals to maintain all their warmth in digital recordings

    • Brings additional warmth and texture to your vocal tracks
    • Provides vintage tube sound for guitar and any other instrument
    • Adds warmth and presence to any mix
    • Perfectly emulates the tape saturation effect of analog tape recording machines
    • Servo-balanced gold-plated XLR and ¼" TRS inputs and outputs
    • Ultra-low noise 4580 audio operational amplifiers for superior sound performance
    • High-quality detented potentiometers and switches with authentic vintage style knobs