Kurzweil 1200 Pro I, gebraucht

Kurzweil 1200 Pro I, gebraucht Kurzweil 1200 Pro I, gebraucht
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Kurzweil 1200 Pro I, gebraucht
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Kurzweil 1200 PRO I Expansion Module  in very good condition with just some minor play wear from normal use. Excellent operating condition. Includes power cable.

The K1200 Pro 1 has a good selection of sounds with a couple different entries in each of the following categories: acoustic piano, electric piano, acoustic guitar, acoustic bass, electric bass, electric guitar, drum kits, percussion, synth clavs, percussive synths, lead synths, synth bells, synth brass, synth strings, orchestral strings, pop strings, plucked harp, marimba, vibraphone, choir, woodwinds, brass, organs, synth pads, effects, and a tuning note/click sound. In general, the sounds in the "synth" categories are based upon synth-type waveforms stored in wavetables, while the other sounds are based on 16-bit floating point samples of actual instruments.