Crown IT 12000 HD

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The Crown I-Tech HD Series offers amazing power, light weight and ease of use for touring sound applications. Unlike other amplifiers, it includes onboard high-defi nition DSP, an LCD control screen, and a built-in network connection.

Modern power amplifiers are sophisticated pieces of engineering capable of producing extremely high power levels. They must be treated with respect and correctly installed if they are to provide the many years of reliable service for which they were designed.

In addition, I-Tech Series amplifiers include a number of features which require some explanation before they can be used to their maximum advantage.
Rated Power:

  • 2-ohm Dual (per ch.): 3,500W

  • 4-ohm Dual (per ch.): 4,000W

  • 8-ohm Dual (per ch.): 2,100W

  • 4-ohm Bridge: 7,000W

  • 8-ohm Bridge: 8,000W

20 Hz - 20 kHz Power refers to guaranteed minimum power in watts with 0.35% THD.

UVP: 7934,-
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