Gallien Krüger Combo 200 MK, gebr.

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Gallien Krüger Combo 200 MK, gebr.



Chorus and Echo EFFECTS

Stereo Keyboard Amplifier,2 syntetizer input,1 piano input,headphone output,line output,monitor input,EXT speacker output,2 XLR balanced direct outputs(L&R).

100W RMS into 4ohms - 0.1% total harmonic distortion.

Separate Treble an Bass control for each input,and built-in Echo and Chorus.

Built-in Compressor on piano and built-in Limiter for the Master Volume.


Max Input: 1.5Vrms (200MK) 10Vrms (200MP)

Output: 100W into 4 ohms @ 1% THD 72W into 8 ohms @ 1% THD

Frequency Response: <q1dB 20-20kHz

Signal to Noise Ratio: >80dB (referenced to max output power from max input, EQ flat)

Active Equalization: q15dB @ 10kHz (200MK only) q15dB @ 80Hz (200MK only)

Limiter: Fixed setting, non-switchable (prevents power amp clipping)

Input Impedance: Input, 1M ohms Monitor Input, 100K ohms (200MK)

Speakers: 1x12" and 1x3.5" (passive crossover)

Dimensions: 13.75"W x 15"H x 7.5"D

Weight: 24 lbs

Footswitch: Controls Chorus (on/off) and Echo (on/off)

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