Korg AX 1 G Tone works,gebraucht.

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Korg AX 1 G Tone works,gebr.


Product Information
The Korg AX1G guitar effect pedal creates all the essential effects as well as several unique sounds to add new dimension to your live performance. This multi-effects pedal features 69 effects organized into three banks of 30 editable patches. With this guitar effect pedal's two footswitches, you can scroll up and down through the patches; while you can get information on patches and edit parameters on its backlit LCD screen. The most remarkable feature of the Korg AX1G is its large expression pedal that allows you to control various parameters in real time. This multi-effects pedal has some dynamic clean tones and wonderful organic analog effects. Also, the Korg AX1G has sample-and-loop feature that provides with a range of efficient functions.

Product Identifiers
Brand Korg
Model AX1G

Key Features
Type Multi-Effects

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