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EV, FM1502, ER, Lautsprecher, gebraucht.

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The compact Electro-Voice FM-1502ER is a 300 watt, two-way, high-efficiency, constant-directivity stage monitor. Possible system orientations are at 35°, 45° or perpendicular to the floor. The system combines professional quality components, arranged in a time-coherent vertical array, with an unusually durable Thiele-Small-aligned ventec enclosure. The result is clear and articulate high-quality sound.

The enclosure is constructed of Road-Wood, a structural material made of layered and selectively oriented hardwood strands strongly bonded together with phenolic resins. This high-strength shell (U S Patent #4.624.338) is covered with densely woven, abuse-resistant black carpeting.

The high-frequency section of the FM-1202FR utilizes a 93° x 40" constant-directivity horn driven by a one-inch throat, wide-bandwidth, titanium diaphragm driver. This driver uses a unique convex-drive Time Path'" phasing plug structure (U.S. Patent #4.525.604) for smooth and extended high-frequency performance. The voice coil is coupled to the diaphragm with EV's exclusive Resonant Drive"1" technology (patent pending). This increases and smooths the high-frequency response and reduces the amount of internal equalization required for flat frequency response.


Technische Daten:

  • 300 Watt
  • 8 Ohm
  • Maße (B x H x T): 51,1 x 55,9 x 70,8 cm
  • Gewicht: 34,2 kg

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  • Starke Gebrauchsspuren vorhanden, siehe Bilder
  • Technisch einwandfrei, Funktion geprüft
  • 1 x EV FM 1502 ER Stufenmonitor Lautsprecher

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