Midas Mischpult Legend 3000- 40 kanal, gebr.

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Midas Mischpult Legend 3000- 40 kanal, gebr.

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Legend 3000

The Legend 3000 is a semi-modular multi-application live production mixing consoles which combines the unique Midas sound quality with some truly innovative features.

Legend includes the XL4's high performance preamps plus the XL3 EQ to deliver the trademark Midas sound and it uses the same snapshot automation system as its larger cousins, but there are also some innovative features that make the console particularly attractive.

Legend is built around blocks of eight channels, yet the clever design means that servicing is still very straightforward. Many potential customers need on occasions to provide a monitor mix from the FOH position, Legend delivers a unique solution. Each input channel provides independent FOH and Monitor controls with dedicated EQ and faders. There are 12 highly flexible mix sends, which may be used individually as fold back or FOH effects sends and the user has complete freedom in how these are assigned.

Frames: 40 (plus 4 stereo effects returns)

FOH EQ: 4 band swept fully parametric mids

Mon EQ: 2 band sweepable

Direct Output

SIS? panning with IMAGE control

STS: Solo Tracking System

12 Mix Sends (front panel configurable for monitor mixes or effects sends) with 4 band

Semi parametric EQ (XL3)

8 Audio Sub Groups

10 VCAs AA10 Automute groups

12 x 6 matrix: outputs can be expanded to suit

Automation: snapshot automation of VCA, Audio Group and Aux routing plus mutes

Touring package: flight case, Littlites and dust cover.

Width 1904mm x Depth 920.02mm (74.96" x 36.22") Weight 100kg (220.5lbs) *


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