Shure LX Empfänger , gebr.

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Shure LX Empfänger , gebr.


204.600 MHz

Diversity Signal Indicators for A and B Antennas.

These lights glow amber

when A, B, or both antennas are receiving usable RF (radio frequency) signals.

RF Level Indicators.

Five lights per antenna glow to indicate RF signal strength.

The more lights that glow, the stronger the received signal. If none of these lights

glows, no signal is being received.

Audio Level Indicators.

Five lights glow to indicate audio signal strength. Green

lights indicate normal operation. An amber light indicates approaching overload

condition. A red light indicates excessive audio levels.

Squelch Control.

Sets the point at which the receiver "mutes" when the transmitter

signal becomes noisy, weak or fails. This control is factory-set at the 12 o'clock

position to provide optimal operation in most applications.

Audio Output Level Control.

Lets you adjust output level to match the input level

requirements of a mixer or amplifier. In most situations, this control should be set

fully clockwise.

Power On Indicator.

This green light glows to indicate that the Power switch is on

and power is applied to the receiver.

Power On/Off Button.

Turns the receiver on and off.

Antenna Connectors.

UHF-type connectors provide connection to the supplied

1/4-wave antennas or to coax cable used with remote antennas. They also provide

connection to the optional Shure WA421 remote antenna cable kit used with

optional WA380 telescoping and WA490 cable-type 1/2-wave antennas.

Output Connectors.

XLR connector provides balanced low-impedance mic level

or line-level output. Quarter-inch phone jack provides unbalanced auxiliary level

(high-impedance) output.

Mic/Line Slide Switch:

Controls output of balanced XLR connector. It can be set

for microphone (-20 dBV maximum) or line-level (+0 dBV maximum).

Power Jack:

Accepts power from the supplied ac adapter, or from any filtered 15

to 18 Vdc (400 mA minimum) supply. It will also accept the dc power cord from a

Shure WA405 Antenna Power/Distribution System.